Yobamoodua Cultural Heritage (YMCH) kicked off as Yobamoodua in 2012 with the dissemination of information about the Yorùbá cultural tradition and arts on the internet using social media and offline through storytelling, dance, and drama engagements. Officially registered as an information service business in 2017, YMCH has undertaken numerous projects. Other services offered by YMCH include advertising copywriting and production, research, language tutoring, and translation services from the English language to Yorùbá language and vice versa.

Under the coordination of the Founder, Adéṣínà Ghani Ayẹni otherwise known as Ọmọ Yoòbá, Yobamoodua had produced advertisements for brands like OANDO, and Interswitch One Africa Music Fest to mention a few. He was also instrumental in a number of translation projects like the Indigenous Tweets website, Engine Room digital projects, Localization Lab, Global Voices, and many more.

This site, aside from being a portal to our services, is an online repository of resources first in the Yorùbá language, and second in other Nigerian languages.

There is work in the pipeline to stage a conference where linguists, students, media professionals, technologists, and scientists converge to deliberate on the way forward for the Nigerian languages and coin new words and terminologies that hitherto never existed in the Nigerian languages, and by so doing develop the vocabulary as well as bridge the knowledge divide and marginalization of the Nigerian languages on the internet and on all digital platforms.

YMCH is all about the revival of the Yorùbá and other Nigerian languages. Today, YMCH is not only dedicated to the promotion cum propagation of the Yorùbá cultural heritage from the tangible to the intangible but also to other Nigerian languages.