Digital Matters: A Case study of Yorùbá Language Speakers Online

The marginalization of non-English-speaking communities in the Global Village is something that calls for dire attention because it is an encroachment on the rights of the marginalized communities as well as a factor that impedes on the growth of the UNESCO Internet Universality Principles that agitates for digital literacy and inclusion.

In collaboration with Global Voices/Rising Voices, a research project tagged; Indigenous and minority language community needs for secure technologies which is part of the Rising Voices participatory research on Digital Security was conducted to understudy the issues that members of the Yorùbá community face when using digital tools. This participatory research titled; Digital Matters: A Case study of Yorùbá Language Speakers Online is an exploratory and descriptive analysis of the numerous activities around the digital literacy and security matters of Yorùbá speaking people on the Internet.

The main objective of this study is to get a comprehensive view of the digital know-how of selected persons in the Yorùbá community who are regular Internet users. The research also attempts to ascertain the level of digital security practices among the unit of analysis. Some of the questions that this case study aims to provide answers to include: how familiar is the Yorùbá community with Digital Tools and digital security resources in the Yorùbá language? How do the Yorùbá community cope with digital insecurity and how well do the Yorùbá community use digital security tools? How are the members of the Yorùbá community taking actions or developing practices that help them to protect their privacy online?